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Wishlists for births

  1. Initial equipment

    The initial equipment for a baby after birth is not a cheap affair. From dummies to clothes to a pram. The list of products and items needed is almost endless. At birth, people often don't give what is really needed because they are at a loss. With the help of Wishlists for Birth Gifts, friends, relatives and acquaintances can help the parents-to-be and give meaningful gifts.

  2. Birth gifts

    It is actually already good manners to bring the new parents and the baby a small gift after the birth. Parents are inundated with rattles, dummies and burp cloths. At the end of the day, 10 dummies, 5 crawling blankets and 30 first-time baby kits come together. The gesture is, of course, very kindly meant and, after all, you don't look a gift horse in the mouth. But the one or other item was given so often that most of it is gathering dust in the cupboard unused and taking up important space. In the end, the parents have almost nothing from the gifts for the birth and the relatives have wasted a lot of money unnecessarily. In addition, some relatives react in a huff when they find out that the first baby set they received as a birth gift is not being used.

  3. The solution: A Wishlist for the birth!

    To avoid such problems and to make sure that only what is really needed is given as a birth gift and that no one else is already giving it, a birth Wishlist helps.

  4. How the birth Wishlist works

    The parents-to-be create a Wishlist and add to it all the items and products that are needed for the time after the birth. This Wishlist can be sent to relatives, friends and acquaintances. Anyone who has bought a gift from the Wishlist for the birth can strike this item from the Wishlist. This prevents gifts from being duplicated at the birth. It also minimises the risk of gifts that are not needed. This way, the parents and the baby are really happy about every gift they receive for the birth.

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No matter what the occasion, our online Wishlist is always perfect! Whether it's the birth of your child, a baby shower or a later birthday. With different designs, your Wishlist will fit into any setting.

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...with products from all online shops

You can add as many products from online shops as you like to your Wishlist. We support a large number of different shops and the number is constantly growing! In addition to the name of the product, a photo is also displayed for your wishes. We determine this information automatically, you don't have to enter it manually! This way you can create a Wishlist for your birth in no time.

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Your opinions

For my birthday, I created a Wishlist online to make it easier to coordinate my wishes within my very large family. I simply didn't want to receive any more superfluous gifts. The creation was very quick and the design is very appealing. Great job!
Testemonial Marting - Birthday


For our daughter's birth party, we made a Wishlist. We wanted to avoid getting gifts that we already own or that we can't use because the little one is growing so fast. Our guests were so enthusiastic about the solution that some of them have already created their own wishlists for their parties.
Testemonial Anna - Geburt


I was able to set up a Wishlist online very easily for our son's birthday. We were looking for a site where neither we nor our guests had to register. The solution via different links to edit and view a Wishlist is perfect in our opinion.
Testemonial David - Birthday



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