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Wishlist for Christmas

  1. Wishlist for Christmas

    Christmas is no longer just about love, but also about giving. A Christmas Wishlist ensures that you only get what you really need and enjoy the most.

  2. What is a Wishlist for Christmas?

    On a Wishlist for Christmas you can add all the products you want for Christmas. You can design your list with beautiful Christmas motifs. The completed list is then sent to friends, relatives and work colleagues. They can now choose which of the products they would like to give you for Christmas. They can reserve them in the Wishlist for Christmas so that no one else will give you the same gift for Christmas.

  3. What are the benefits of a Wishlist for Christmas?

    The great advantage of a Christmas Wishlist is that it prevents disappointment under the Christmas tree, as everyone knows exactly what you want for Christmas. It also prevents you from getting a gift twice. Your friends and family can choose their gifts according to their budget, as the Wishlist also shows the prices. This way you relieve poorer friends financially at Christmas. You also support them by having a list of possible Christmas gifts that is very clear. If you think of an urgently needed item later, you can easily add it and don't have to write to each of your guests individually. A Christmas Wishlist also saves you and your friends time, as they don't have to ask you what you want for Christmas. Another advantage of Wishlists is that they can be accessed worldwide. This way, even friends in distant countries know what they can do to make you happy.

  4. Summary

    Wishlists for the Christmas season make the run-up to Christmas easier for you and those around you. With just a few clicks, you can show your guests what you want for Christmas. Creating a list has a number of advantages for everyone involved.

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You can add as many products from online shops as you like to your Wishlist. We support a large number of different shops and the number is constantly growing! In addition to the name of the product, a photo is also displayed for your wishes. We determine this information automatically, you don't have to enter it manually! This way you can create a Wishlist for Christmas in no time.

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For my birthday, I created a Wishlist online to make it easier to coordinate my wishes within my very large family. I simply didn't want to receive any more superfluous gifts. The creation was very quick and the design is very appealing. Great job!
Testemonial Marting - Birthday


For our daughter's birth party, we made a Wishlist. We wanted to avoid getting gifts that we already own or that we can't use because the little one is growing so fast. Our guests were so enthusiastic about the solution that some of them have already created their own wishlists for their parties.
Testemonial Anna - Geburt


I was able to set up a Wishlist online very easily for our son's birthday. We were looking for a site where neither we nor our guests had to register. The solution via different links to edit and view a Wishlist is perfect in our opinion.
Testemonial David - Birthday



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